Research and Development

A glance at the objectives of each stage in the experimental journey. 

1. Research

We conduct studies on plants to expand our database of ingredients that are healthy and useful

2. Food-type Testing

We create blends of plant ingredients to ensure that they are suitable for every food type (i.e. rice, noodles, bread, etc.)

3. Texture Analysis

We test the textures of each food type to verify that their original feel and appearance are consistent with regular control samples

4. Sensory Evaluation

A taste profile is generated for all test samples and compared with regular control samples to ensure no compromise in taste 

5. In-vitro Digestion and Quality Tests

The digestibility of the food is tested to make sure that glucose release levels are slower to the point of being similar to wholegrain. Other quality testing such as microbial tests are conducted to verify the quality of the product.


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