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How does Alchemy Fiber™ work?

Alchemy Fiber™ For Rice is a soluble fiber that dissolves to form a protective barrier around the outer layer of the rice as it travels through your gut. This gives the rice a slower digestion rate. The new digestion rate of white rice becomes equivalent to brown rice. This means a slower glucose release and decreased chances of a blood sugar spike. White rice cooked with Alchemy Fiber™ also contains up to 10x more fiber than white rice alone for a healthier gut while still retaining its taste and fluffy texture that most people love.

Jasmine White Rice

Sweet, Soft and Fluffy
High Glycemic Index (GI)
Quick carb release
High blood sugar spike
0.7g Dietary Fiber per 100g serving


Jasmine Brown Rice

Bland, Hard, Wet & Sticky
Medium Glycemic Index (GI)
Slow carb release
Medium blood sugar spike
3.5g Dietary Fiber per 100g serving

Jasmine White Rice with Alchemy Fiber™

Sweet, Soft and Fluffy
Medium Glycemic Index (GI)
Slow carb release
Low blood sugar spike
8.3g Dietary Fiber per 100g serving
Added Prebiotics

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A staple in any Filipino households is white rice—served with sumptuous home-cooked viands, it’s nearly indispensable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a mainstay in almost all traditional Filipino meals—can you imagine, for instance, enjoying sinigang or kare-kare without rice? Impossible, right?

Indulging in rice without the guilt as well as the added pounds and health complications? This new food additive promises to make such a common and valid concern a thing of the past.

-Alex Vergara, People Asia Magazine

Many people are not consuming enough fiber in their diet, and struggle to do so due to food preferences, habits, or inaccessibility. I find that Alchemy Fiber™ presents an easy and straight forward way to increase the amount of fiber in one’s diet, without a change of taste or texture, thereby helping with issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

“All you have to do is sprinkle the powder (made from 100% plant fiber) onto your rice before cooking. For white rice, Alchemy Fiber makes it digest as slowly as brown rice, and gives it 3x more fiber than brown rice improving overall blood sugar levels. That’s pretty amazing.”

-Charlotte Mei, Nutritionist (ANutr) @thecharlottemei