Alchemy Foodtech was borne out of Alan’s desire to protect his family’s health from a history of diabetes. Having lost his grandparents to the disease and witnessing many relatives struggle with diabetic dietary restrictions, he and co-founder Verleen recognised the important role food plays in diabetes prevention.

Verleen, a food scientist by training, began with research into how food consumption relates to the disease. A key finding which became the foundation stone of Alchemy Foodtech was how refined carbohydrates (i.e. white bread and white rice) are one of the key causes of high blood sugar levels in our bodies.

Common food items which feature heavily in our meals everyday, they knew it would be an uphill battle to attempt to change people’s eating preferences and behaviours. Yet, time was of the essence in the fight against diabetes. Alan and Verleen decided to create specific food ingredients that would lower glucose release while maintaining the original taste of food.

Alchemy Fibre™ became the breakthrough ingredient which is now patented. Lowering the glycemic index (GI) of refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread and noodles, Alchemy Fibre™ also increases the overall fibre content of food.

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We started Alchemy Foodtech as we saw that many chronic diseases we face today are also lifestyle diseases arising mainly due to our modern diet, coupled with a sedentary and stressful lifestyle. The world is currently facing a diabetes epidemic. One-third of all diabetics reside in China alone, and Singapore is the second developed country with the highest incidence of diabetes, only behind the USA. Diabetes tends to run in the family, which is why some people are genetically predisposed to the disease, including our co-founder, Alan. Both Alan’s grandmothers and an uncle passed away due to diabetes complications, and presently, 5 out of his mother’s 6 siblings are suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

90% of people suffering from diabetes are Type 2, which is caused by insulin resistance brought about by many factors, especially a poor diet (consuming foods with high Glycemic Index (GI), high in saturated fat, high in sugar and low in fibre). Since the root cause of the problem is usually food, we wanted to incorporate food technology to everyday food staples so people can enjoy their food without changing their eating habits but have protection against diabetes. We also want to help people who are diabetic to manage their condition without giving up the food that they love.

Since our founding in 2015 with 5ibrePlus, our proprietary glycemic lowering technology designed to lower the Glycemic Index (GI) of traditionally high GI refined carbohydrates, we have had numerous achievements which are only made possible with the support from our friends, family, partners, and other stakeholders whom we have met along the way. Today, 5ibrePlus is known as Alchemy Fibre™.
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