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Alchemy Fiber

Alchemy Fiber for Flour

Alchemy Fiber for Flour

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Enjoy healthier bakes with Alchemy Fiber for Flour!

Alchemy Fiber™ For Flour is a plant-based fiber blend that can be added to any recipe requiring the use of plain/cake flour to reap the benefits of Alchemy Fiber™.

These benefits include increasing dietary fiber (3 to 5x more than regular recipes) as well as the potential to reduce the use of fat in recipes to yield the same great tasting bakes.

Alchemy Fiber™ For Flour is suitable for use with 15% substitution of plain flour or cake flour.

Does not affect the taste, texture, or appearance of your bakes at all.

100% All natural, non-GMO, plant based dietary fibers.
(Starch, Inulin, Wheat Gluten)

1) From every 200g (1.25cups) of plain flour, remove 30g (2 heaped tablespoons) and replace with Alchemy Fiber™ For Flour.
2) Bake as normal.

Product of Singapore.

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